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The 3D audio high-end rack are made from the same principles and techniques as our other products.

We believe that placing your components on our 3D high-end rack will improve your system dramatically.


The 4 legs are made from high grade aluminum that are hard anodized and the shelves are made from 3 different materials glued together as a sandwich construction to get as little resonances as possible.

Each shelf is completely decoupled independently of each other by the use of our 3D decouplings and this is reflected in a huge acoustic improvement.


The shelves are available in optional white/black lacquering, black oak with dark oak looking edges or in black lacquering with light oak looking edges.


The aluminum legs are available in black and gray anodized finish.



Prices starts at 1800 euro and is only made on request.


IMG_9895 - Rack.jpg

3D-high end rack

IMG_9893 - Rack ben.jpg
IMG_9892 - Rack fod.jpg

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