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The 3D-cable lift supports speaker cables, interconnect and power cables and are engeered to ensure proper mechanical grounding and minimizes oscillations.


3D-cable lift are made from a single block of high grade aluminum and further processed with a layer of diamond to give them the hardest surface possible, simply because it SOUNDS BETTER! Combined with the specially selected ceramic balls we have arguably developed the best product on the market.


3D-cable lift should be used under each cable in your system which is touching the ground, especially under your speaker cable with a minimum of three on each side, but five - six will definitely sound better with a 2.5 - 3.0m speaker



3D-cable lift - comes with 13mm and 23mm grooves to benefit more cables.


Our products are not mainstream, that’s

why we dare to claim “MORE IS BETTER”.



3D-cable lift

3D-cable lift

3D-cable lift

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